Produce for Sale

There are a range of stalls selling home made goods and produce. The goods and produce for sale will vary from week to week depending on seasonality, holidays and other factors. Our regular stalls include:

Freshly baked cakes, biscuits and desserts
Savouries, including pies, flans and sausage rolls
Seasonal fruit and vegetables
Jams, marmalade and chutneys
Local crafts
Eggs and honey
Plants, potted bulbs and cut flowers

In addition, there are refeshments - tea or coffee and a piece of cake - or squash for our younger customers.


Country Markets Ltd set high quality standards for all produce and goods sold in each market. All cooking and baking comes under the food hygiene and food safety legislation. For example, it is a requirement that all our cooks take a certificate in Basic Hygiene for Food Handlers. Country Markets Ltd supply Food Safety Instructions. Producer's kitchens may be inspected by local Environmental Health Officers.

Cakes stall


We welcome comments and ideas from our customers. Or should you have a complaint, please raise it as soon as possible with the Market Manager.