Painswick Meeting Rooms Project

Article on page 13 of July 2008 issue of Painswick Beacon

In March, the Parish Council agreed that an audit of the extent and use of meeting halls/rooms available to the public for recreational purposes should be undertaken as part of the revision of the Parish Plan. The aim of this parish-wide project would also be to identify what additional facilities/activities residents believe are needed. The findings will be placed before the public for comment.

Following some preparatory discussions, a meeting was convened on 11 th June at the Town Hall. Some 22 meeting room providers and 43 existing meeting room users were invited from across the parish. I outlined how I envisaged the project would proceed. A number of useful suggestions were made which will be incorporated into the plan. In the absence of any volunteers, I agreed to lead the work, and a small group comprising Terry Parker, Edward Young and David Allott agreed to provide guidance as required.

So far, the venues identified are:-

Painswick: Town Hall, Painswick Centre, Library Building, St Mary's Church and Church Rooms, Christ Church and Hall, Catholic Church, Quakers Meeting Room, Broadham Sports Ground Building, Bowling Club, Recreation Ground Pavillion, Croft School, Rococo Garden, Golf Club, Hind's Fishing Lake venue, Richmond, Falcon and Royal Oak.

Sheepscombe: Village Hall, Church, School, and Butchers Arms.

Edge: Village Hall, Church and Edgemoor Inn

Slad: Church and Woolpack

It is recognised that some providers make their facilities available in very limited ways if at all, but it would be helpful in preparing an overall parish picture to include these venues with their restrictions.

The survey work will be divided into three strands - a survey of the facilities made available by providers and their intentions for the future, a survey of the views of existing users (i.e. clubs/societies/etc), and a survey of residents in the parish. The first strand will start shortly, and the second over the course of the next month or so. The aim is to complete the survey work in time to make the findings available to the public by the end of the year.

If I have not included your organisation or premises in previous correspondence please accept my apologies and let me know. The aim is to include as many views as I can.

Peter Rowe 813228