Painswick Meeting Rooms Project - Update

Article on page 5 of October 2008 issue of Painswick Beacon

In the July issue of the Beacon, I reported that the Meeting Rooms Project was underway. Put simply, the aim is to identify current usage and future needs with a view to updating the Parish Plan. The project has been split into three parts.

The first two parts of the project are in progress. The first is a survey of current meeting room providers to set out what facilities are available and planned. The second is a survey of current users of meeting rooms (eg clubs, societies, and other organisations) to identify their views on the facilities. By the time you read this, I hope to have sent questionnaires to all the meeting room providers listed in the Beacon in July, and to over 30 users. At the time of writing this article, I have received responses from about 20 providers and 20 users, and the responses are rolling in.

However I feel sure that there are some users I have inadvertently missed - particularly those who use the facilities occasionally. In order to provide an accurate picture, it is important to hear from as many users of our meeting rooms as possible. If I have not contacted your group (or if you are not sure), please do get in touch. Details of all the providers and users contacted can also be viewed on the website, or from the Parish Clerk at the Town Hall. Spare copies of the questionnaires are available from me, the Parish Clerk or can be downloaded from the website.

The third part of the project will be a survey of residents of the parish. I am starting this now, and will give an update (editor permitting) in next month's Beacon.

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