Painswick Meeting Rooms Project

Extract from Painswick Parish Council Minutes of 19 March 2008

Minute 4b. Feasibility Study - Community Buildings.

The Chairman read out the details of a memo sent to all members regarding a report from a meeting held on Tuesday 11 March 2008, which was held with representatives from the Painswick Centre, Painswick Gateway Project and the Parish Council.

It was unanimously agreed by the representatives that the time for a feasibility study of community buildings of the type advised by the Gloucestershire Community Council had passed. The requirement was now to consider an audit of the extent and use of meeting halls/rooms available to the public for recreational purposes as part of a revision of the Parish Plan. In this connection it was noted that the status of a Parish Plan has, in most instances, been acceptable to grant-making bodies as evidence of use.

It was agreed that the Parish Council be asked to appoint a Convenor whose task would be to call a meeting of all clubs and amenity organisations' representatives responsible for the provision of meeting halls/rooms available to the public for recreational purposes from all parts of the civil parish. From that meeting a group would be formed whose task would be to carry out an audit of the extent and use of the meeting halls/rooms within Painswick and to conduct a parish-wide survey to establish what additional facilities/activities parishioners believed were needed. The survey results would then be placed before the public for their comment.

Cllr Martin Slinger explained in detail the need to conduct a feasibility audit which included such reasons as to avoid duplication of funding requests, to ensure the future sustainability of the halls and also to identify their functions.

Cllr Gill Richards also stated that the purpose should also be to avoid duplication of facilities and other meeting halls. The Council agreed to amend the memo to include this.

Cllr Peter Rowe volunteered to be considered to take up the role of 'Convenor'. The Council unanimously agreed to this appointment and to make funds available to Cllr Rowe to carry out this function.