Painswick Meeting Rooms Project

Notes of Open Meeting held in the Town Hall on 11 June 2008

Peter Rowe outlined how he envisaged the Meeting Rooms Project proceeding. Three parts to the project were suggested: a survey of meeting room providers, a survey of meeting room users and some form of survey of parishioners. A list of Meeting Rooms and the information required was outlined.

The way forward was accepted and a number of helpful comments and suggestions made. These included adding storage and disabled toilets onto the list of facilities, and whether the results might be kept up to date and made easily available after the end of the project.

In the absence of any other volunteers, Peter Rowe agreed to lead the project.

Terry Parker, Edward Young and David Allott agreed to form a small Advisory Group for the Project. It would provide guidance should matters arise on which Peter Rowe sought advice. It would meet if needed but email seemed likely to be the best way of interaction.

Attendees (as per list of people signing in):
Ken and Jean Gibson, Shortmat Bowls Club
Edward Young, Gateway
Dennis Whitelock, Painswick Bowls Club
Peter Ross, Painswick Bowls Club
Terry Causon, Badminton (Tuesday afternoon)
Martin Slinger, Croft School, Edge Village Hall, Pitchcombe Village
John Pearson, The Falcon Inn
Maggie Drake, Yew Trees WI
Alex Nichols, Painswick Music Appreciation Society
Nigel Burt, St Mary’s PCC
Leslie Brotherton, Painswick Gateway
Margaret Richards, Country Market
Pamela Westcott, Country Market
Jason Bullingham, Parish Council
David Linsell, Badminton
Terry Parker, Parish Council
David Allott, Painswick Centre
Fiona Chapman, Painswick Dog Training
Anne Leoni, Sue Ryder Support Group and Charity Coffee Morning
Di Howsen, Painswick Singers
Pamela Stewart, LNFC
Judy Moore, Slad Society
Rev John Longuet-Higgins, St Mary’s

Peter Rowe