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Phase II stonework completed

Guidebook and leaflets available inside church or by mail order

  • The tombstones and clipped yew trees in the churchyard of St Mary's are a major cultural and historic asset and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. There are various styles of tombstone and many were intricately carved. About 230 of these are the famous table tombs and monuments. Most of these date back to the eighteenth century.

  • A structural survey has shown that 98 of the tombstones and monuments were in a poor or very poor state and in urgent need of conservation work. The action of rain (with frost) on the porous limestone gradually causes the stone to deteriorate. However water seeping inside the tombs considerably accelerates the decay. The project sought to deal with the most urgent repair work, and at the same time to catalogue and analyse an archive of photographs and drawings dating back over the last hundred years, and to make the whole heritage of these tombs more widely known and enjoyed through talks, demonstrations and publicity material. Further details of the project can be found by clicking on "Project" above.

  • The project will be phased over five years and will cost about £100,000. The Heritage Lottery Fund has given £50,000 towards the project but further funds are needed. If you would like to help us financially, donations large or small are most welcome. Please click on "Support" above for details of becoming a Friend or Patron, or helping in some other way. If you would like to support us, please contact David Harley.

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