The village newspaper "The Painswick Beacon" maintains a list of useful local businesses, clubs and societies and other bodies.

The Parish Council looks after the Painswick Cemetery (located on the slopes leading up to the Painswick Beacon). Most burials in Painswick after the churchyard was closed were held here. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more information or details of search fees.

The Painswick Local History Society maintains a website. It includes details of those remembered on the War Memorial (adjacent to the churchyard), and gives other details of local historical interest.

The parish church of St Mary's, in which the churchyard stands forms part of the Beacon Benefice. Click here to access its website:

The conservation work in the churchyard is being undertaken by Centreline, a local firm of stonemasons. Click here to access its website:

Other sites Other sites with family history relating to tombstones listed on this site:
Daniel and Margaret Adey.