List of Tombstones

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Tombstone Patron / Friend
Adey: Daniel and Margaret Mr John Adey
Baylis Mr R & Mrs A Burges Watson
Bryan: John and Sarah Dr and Mrs H J Hoyland
Butler: Nathaniel and Mary Mr D Mannering
Cook: John Mr R & Mrs S Purdy
Cox: John and others Mr and Mrs A MacDuff
Crisswell: Joseph and John  
Cull Mrs E Graesser
Gardner: James Maj D L Hudson
Gardner: Mary Mrs B Farrer
Greening: Henry and Ann, etc Mr L Turner
Gyde: John, Daniel and Elizabeth  
H H 1787  
Heaven: Mary Beams descendents of Australia
Heaven: William and Elizabeth Mrs H Hewitt
Hopton: Samuel and others In Memory of Brian Welch
Horlick: Zacharias and Anne Dr John Chandler
King: William and Mietje etc  
Lake: Richard and Charles W Mr D Irvine
Loveday: John Mr R & Mrs A Kenber
Parker Mr C F R & Mrs D Barclay
Poole: Richard and Anna R J S Shaw Trust
Poole: Richard Miss M Rowe
Powis: Will and Ann  
Price: Thomas and Ann Mrs J Duckworth
Savory: Maria  
Skerrett: James Mr J H Clarke
Smith: John and Sarah Mrs J Otway
Smith: Richard and Sarah, and others In Memory of Brian Welch
Spring: Daniel and Hester etc Mr P M & Mrs J E Rowe
Stafford: Elizabeth Sarah Mr C & Mrs A Gaiger
Stephens: Thomas and Hester Mr C Stephens
Thomas: James  
Tunley: Thomas Mrs P Wilkins
Vanstone: Ann Watts Mr D Hartog
Wight Mrs B M Rowe
unknown In Memory of Brian Welch
unknown In Memory of Brian Welch